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Current Transformer
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Current Transformers (CTs) are electrical devices that are used to measure the current flowing in a power system. They are typically used in high-voltage and high-power systems, such as those found in industrial and utility applications.

A CT works by inducing a secondary current in a coil of wire that is wrapped around a magnetic core. The primary winding of the CT is connected in series with the conductor carrying the current that needs to be measured, while the secondary winding is connected to a measuring device or instrument.

The amount of current induced in the secondary winding of the CT is proportional to the amount of current flowing through the primary winding. By carefully selecting the turns ratio of the CT, the secondary current can be scaled to an appropriate level for the measuring device or instrument.

CTs are often used in conjunction with protective relays, which are devices that monitor the power system for abnormal conditions and can trigger protective actions, such as tripping a circuit breaker, in order to prevent damage to equipment or ensure the safety of personnel.

We, the current transformer manufacturer and supplier in India are specialized in offering quality L.V. Tape Wound & Cast Resin Transformers of multi range that is manufactured using quality components, which are procured from reliable vendors.

Standard Types (IS/IEC/ANSI)
  • Window type Current Transformer
  • Bar Primary type Current Transformer
  • Wound primary type (WPL) Current Transformer
  • Varnished Fiber Glass Tape insulated Current Transformer
  • WTI or Oil immersed Current Transformer
Technical Specification
  • Primary Current, Secondary Current, Accuracy Class and Burden as Specified.
  • Range of LT CT’s: Primary Current 5 A to 3200 A, Secondary Current 5 A or 1 A
  • Burden of LT CT’s : 2.5 VA, 3.75 VA, 5 VA, 10 VA, 15 VA... 80 VA
  • For metering Accuracy class: 0.1, 0.2s, 0.5s, 0.2, 0.5,1.0,3.0,5.0
  • For Protection: 5p, 10p... ALF (5, 10, 20...)
  • For Special protection (Class PS): any knee point voltage Imag @ (Vk), Vk/2, Vk/4.
  • Insulation class as per IS (A,E,B,F,H)
  • System voltage: upto 1.1kv
Current Transformers Application :
  • Motor-generator sets
  • Commercial metering
  • Current sensing, recording, monitoring & control
  • Control panels (VCB ,AMF,APFC ,MCC ,PCC & Relay Panels) and Drives
  • Standard CT for laboratory purposes
  • Earth fault protection/Differential protection/Bus-bar protection Systems
  • Bushing type, oil-immersed CT in power
  • Metering & Relaying
  • Wind mills
  • Solar Energy plants
  • Thermal/Hydro Power plants
  • Substations, Power generation plants